Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Do you have one of these?

It's a double faced softie, mouse on one side, cat on the other I have named Eve... get it? As in The three Faces of Eve, but my Eve only has two faces... Ha I crack me up. But the fascinating thing about Eve is the fact that her belly has a treat. I think it does. I say this because you can hear the paper crinkle when you play with her and everyone knows, treats come in crinkly paper. I have bee working on shaking that treat loose for about 3 weeks now. Funny thing is, I can de squeak a toy in under 20 minutes, but Eve has no squeaker to " de squeak". And she is hanging on to her treat... Today I am trying a different approach. I am going to try dragging her everywhere so she gets tired and gives up. Maybe she needs to be dropped from the balcony... or from the top of the steps... Mhhh I will doing all that today. I WANT what is in her belly!

Color me persistent
PS, my tail is BLURRY... again!
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Ruby Rose and the Big Little Angels 3 said...

I don't have one of those but it looks like a good, sturdy, interesting toy