Saturday, January 8, 2011

I am MAD at you momma.

I am mad at momma. I am actually not talking to momma. And I am holding the grudge of the century. And I know that somebody up there agrees with me because I know that she is being punished.... she lost her voice. What did the woman do? You really want to know? Hm. Well she lied. She told a flat out lie. She said we were going for a ride. She never said we were going to go see Miss Margie and get ...[wait for it]...groooooooooooomed! You know, our original scheduled time for grooming was pre emptied by the snow storm. I view that as "pre emptied by Higher Powers". I acquiesced to the Higher Power's will. By my calculations we were safe for another 4-6 weeks. But nooooo... Yesterday she just invites us for a ride and voila` we end up with the full wash and fluff. I made her ride home miserable. I whined and talked the whole way home. [And that ride took forever and one day...] I thought momma would never lie to me. What do you mean? JD said technically she did not lie. We did go for a ride. OMD now I have to worry about the "technical" aspects of her speech??? Fine I view her failure to communicate the full plan as a sin of omission. [And they think I am just a fluffy thing. I have been reading. Although honestly, lately I have been loving the great pictures of food in Larousse...more than reading I have been salivating]
In any case, the three of us got groomed. And one of us has successfully de bowed her left ear. [I have a talent].

I am pouting.

I do miss her cuddles.
But no, I must stay strong and teach her a lesson. NEVER ever lie to me again.


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TC said...

OMG, Dispatch truly agrees that you should be mad.
How funny (but true) LOL.
Dispatch and his "mama"