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Friday, January 28, 2011


So, while the momma and daddy get ready for our Saturday outings, I decided to video chat with my human sister. Of course the puparazzi [momma and daddy] had to take pictures...because apparently they have nothing better to do... GO GET READY! People. It's annoying enough that they have to put on layers of rags before they consider themselves ready to go out, then they add to your wait with their other activities. FOCUS people... going out, rags...clothes, whatever...

Not to mention the intrusion on my private conversations. I would like to be afforded some respect and some privacy. There are things I wish to talk to Dowi about that I don't want to share with momma, or daddy or the rest of the world. But noooooo...

But today is Saturday and it has been a long cold week, daddy promised us fun, so we are going out and having, making or getting fun. Any of those work for me.

Dowi, did I ever tell you that your bed looks really comfy on the screen? I am trying to see what spot I would choose to snuggle with you... if I were visiting you...

Can you see momma's dresser? She has new white hats on it. You know... white hat society and all...

You know what, I think you and I should talk later, when miss camera and mr nosy are NOT around. So how about if I let you get some breakfast and maybe we can chat on IM?

Cool. Going to push thee people along.

1 comment:

Kristine said...

Awww, I agree. You should definitely be allowed a little private conversation.

I hope you have a great Saturday! Happy hopping!

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