Monday, January 31, 2011

I am having a bad hair day

I have no idea why, maybe the dry air, maybe winter's revenge, but my curls are just way too puffy. It is not making me happy. No. I have to be honest. I am FINE. what's making me unhappy is momma chasing me with a brush and comb. I have my own agenda for the day. I have couches to "de-pillow" toy boxes to empty, barking at the squirrels and birds, tormenting [with love of course] The Wendy and JD, I have toilet paper to unroll, I have to get into daddy's closet and win a fight with the bathrobe sash, and ohhh I almost forgot, I have to "unbury" the stuff I stashed last night, unless Ms OCD [momma] found it already. why would she go after my bite of oat stick? That woman needs a hobby. Yea, make more oat sticks momma, those were really good. and that should keep you busy.

Two leggeds tend to view their four leggeds only from their own perspective. They really think we are only accessorizing their lives. And, let's face it, we four legged encourage that kind of thinking as long gets us more... of everything. [ie belly rubs, walks, chewies, etc.]
The reality is quite different. We have our own lives, our own aspirations, goals, etc etc.

For the last month or so I have been quietly waging a war with the bathrobe sash in daddy's closet. It hangs there. I have not figured out how it holds on, but I have been slowly pulling it down. I am not sure what I will do when I finally get it completely down, but I figure I will get inspired then. Mind, you I have to "work it" quietly without momma noticing it, so it has been a challenge.

JD has been focused on cat mind control. As soon as that weird fat [yes it is fat!!!It is way bigger than any of us!] cat from across the street steps into our front yard, JD sits in front of the window and starts this low growl which makes the cat freeze. Then they are locked into a staring contest and a mind control battle. Dog v cat. I must say, JD is awsome and usually the cat gives up and leaves.

The Wendy is focused on her ultimate quest. How many continuous undisturbed hours can she log on the bed? OCD momma is her biggest obstacle. Between making the bed, fluffing the pillow, pushing us off to go for walks, etc. momma does not see the bigger picture. So frustrating for the Wendy!

Ohh I discovered something new yesterday. DO NOT stand by the warm dishwasher. If momma opens that sucker, you get a cloud of steam into your face, and... it smells like soap. Ick.

Anyway, the point of this diatribe is to inform the two legged readers that WE four leggeds have our own lives to fulfill and we are not just accessories to yours.

Momma, put away the stupid brush and go make oat sticks.

I love you [she is soooooo needy!]


Marshmallow said...

I have another suggestion for you in your busy day. Last week, we had a mini snowstorm and lost all our power for 3 days. It got so cold in the house that we had to wear sweaters. Anyway, Daddy wanted us to stay upstairs where it was a little warmer, so he brought our breakfast upstairs and put it on the bed!! Breakfast in bed is soooo nice; I highly recommend it. I'm trying to figure out how to make this happen everyday!

silvieon4 said...

It happens on Saturdays here. The daddy makes breakfast for the girls, that would be momma The Wendy and me. We eat it on the big bed, LOOOOOOVE it.