Friday, July 10, 2015

Supervising THE JOB... BUT THEN

If I don't take charge of this "project" it will never get done. The downside having being two legged is that you are also only two handed. Basically the hoomans are handicapped two ways. Ehhh but then, they did opt for thumbs. I still think a fab tail is way better than thumbs. But then, I also think that being a BICHON means you won the genetic lottery.

In any case, the tiles are going down in that new space.  I am fascinated by the whole process. It is dirty, weird and noisy. They cut, they mud, they wet, they place, they wipe,...over and over and over.

Can't wait to tinkle on that floor. Ehm, did I type that out?  Nahhh, momma, relax I was just joking. But then...Cosmo is going to do that before any of us even think of it.

Soooooooooo, how long is this going to take?  I suppose I might as well take a nap because this dude only has the two hands, But I would like to silence that thingie he is using to snip the tiles, 

Can't these people do anything quietly???? Geez.  But then... I have to be here even is napping, Keep them aware that this has to get done...

And I am not happy with the color or lack thereof. I was hoping for a hot pink, or a deep purple, but momma is into neutral.  You know what neutral stands for right?  "Scared of color and lacking conviction". I said it momma.  I stand by that, but then momma did promise that colors will come in in a big way when it is all done.  I am expecting her to do something.  

But then... all that presumes this mess will actually come to an end at some point...


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Two French Bulldogs said...

What would they do without us
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