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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

RECALL NOTICE:Cow-Boom Strips Beef Gullet manufactured by I and Love and You

I and Love and You Dog Treats Recalli-and-love-and-you-cow-boom-dog-chews-475 Voluntary recall as posted by the manufacturer
Dear “I and love and you” customers: At “I and love and you” we’re deeply committed to giving pets the best food and the best love. We recognize the incredible bond between a human and a pet is a precious part of everyday life for our customers and we always want to be open and transparent with you about our products.
 On July 10th, “I and love and you” was notified by the Colorado Department of Agriculture that a routine sampling revealed a positive result of Salmonella in our Cow-Boom! Strips Beef Gullet dog treats. The product is supplied by a U.S. supplier. In an overabundance of caution, “I and love and you” is voluntarily recalling 1,299 cases of this product because it has the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella.
 There have been no reported pet or human illnesses associated with this recall.
This voluntary recall is limited to Cow-Boom! Strips Beef Gullet that were packaged into 2.0 oz bags, with the lot numbers C20130-1994T1 and C20130-2024T1, and a best-by-date of 07/2016 and UPC number 8 18336 0113 4. 
 The health and safety of our customers and their beloved four-legged family members is paramount to us. We pride ourselves in creating only the highest quality products formulated to include the optimal combination of complete, whole-food nutrition, freshness, and premium ingredients you’ve come to expect from “I and love and you.”
 See below for more details about our voluntary recall and don’t hesitate to contact us with questions at 855.ILY.LOVE Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. (M.T.), or via email at Sincerely, Steve Ball Chief Executive Officer Updated Q&A July 10, 2015
 Q: What products are being voluntarily recalled by “I and love and you?” Cow-Boom! Strips Beef Gullet that were packaged into 2.0 oz bags, with the lot numbers C20130-1994T1 and C20130-2024T1, and a best-by-date of 07/2016 and UPC number 8 18336 0113 4. 
 Q: Where do I find the lot number? The lot numbers and UPC codes are printed on each bag of ILY’s treats next to the proof of purchase bar code on the back of the package.
 Q: What do I do if my product is part of the recall? We encourage customers to look at the lot numbers and best-by-dates printed on the bag to determine if it is subject to this recall. If so, please call/email us or return the product to the place of purchase for a full refund, or dispose of it properly.

Q: What do I do if I believe myself, or my pet, have been exposed? If you believe you or your pet have been exposed, we strongly encourage you to seek physician or veterinarian attention so you or your pet can be properly examined and treated accordingly to determine the cause of any symptoms. If confirmed, we would also like to learn more about what you or your pet is experiencing and how we might be able to help during this time. Please contact our customer service at 855.ILY.LOVE, or via email at
 Q: Where was the product sold? The Cow-Boom! Strips Beef Gullet treats were sold throughout the United States to wholesale distributors and retail stores for resale to consumers. The product was distributed through grocery chains and via online retailers.
 Q: What is “I and love and you” doing to correct the situation? The product has been pulled from online inventory and store shelves. Any consumers with a recalled package can call/email us or return it to the place of purchase for a full refund. The Company has notified its distributors and retailers and is taking this voluntary action as a precautionary measure. No other products of the company are affected by this recall.
 Q: What is Salmonella? Who can get it? Salmonella is a bacteria that can cause illness in animals and humans. Salmonella can affect animals eating the product, and there is risk to humans who handle the product, especially if the handler does not thoroughly wash his or her hands after having contact with the product or any surfaces exposed to the product.
 Q: What are the symptoms in pets? Pets with Salmonella infections may be lethargic and have diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, fever, and vomiting. Some pets will have only decreased appetite, fever and abdominal pain. Infected but otherwise healthy pets can be carriers and infect other animals or humans. If your pet has consumed the product and has exhibited these symptoms, you should contact your veterinarian immediately.
 Q: What are the symptoms in humans? Healthy people handling the product contaminated by Salmonella should monitor themselves for some or all of the following symptoms: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, abdominal cramping, and fever. Although rare, Salmonella may result in more serious ailments, including arterial infections, endocarditis, arthritis, muscle pain, eye irritation, and urinary tract symptoms. Consumers exhibiting these signs after having contact with the product should contact their healthcare providers immediately.
 Q: How did the Salmonella contamination occur? There are many different kinds of Salmonella bacteria, or serotypes, and they are a widespread and ever-present in the environment in which we live. Q: Who do I contact if I have further questions or concerns? Customers with questions may contact us at 855.ILY.LOVE Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. (M.T.), or via email at"

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