Sunday, July 19, 2015


Congrats Frosty!!!  
I hear you have a new forever family!

While you are busy getting to know your family, we will be taking care of auntie Crissy.,. Your foster mom is going to be a mess for a while.

She fell in love with you.
And let's face it, you loved her back.

So... with tears in her eyes, and an ache in her heart she is giving you your forever family. I heard she actually insisted on meeting them before anything was even decided. You go, we will take care of auntie Crissy. But you do know that she is forever in your life. She is your godmother and your standby, You know why?  Because love like that can't be erased. You are a lucky boy.

Ehmmm, I have to deal with my bookie.
What were the odds?  
Hey, I am not alone, we all bet that auntie Crissy would flunk fostering!

Mommmmmmmmmma, can you spot me a ten spot?

Never you mind what for, but I need to come up with some dirty paper quickly before JD calls in his enforcer...

Dang it... why is this song playing in my head?

Well,I think I am safe, until and unless I start hearing the Godfather theme...

I got to go earn some scratch....


[I thought it was a SURE THING!]

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Two French Bulldogs said...

Fantastic news!
Lily & Edward