Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Roll up the rugs!

Move out the chairs!

IT is dancing time for REALSIE!!!!

Chicaboom boooom don't' cha just love it? I can't stop my tail and my rump is doing the chachacha!

XENA has a forever home!

That lucky girl got herself a whole lot of permanent petters!

And...smirk, wink, cough cough... another family of lawyers!!!!  Xena, I can't even begin to tell you all the advantages of that!  Trust me I know... I have 4 of those in my family. Five, if you count JD's honorary Juris Doctorate in Law... [DUH that is why he is JD!] Jack Daniels is not his godfather!

And you know that Gracie's daddy is a lawyer as well.  Oh heck, we should all meet up at the bash!
No, we WILL meet up at the bash!

Bichons are the secret support staff every successful lawyer needs. We are the unconditional de-stresser. Unsung heroes of the legal world. You know... without us... there would be a whole lot more stressed out lawyers. Heck, we are essential personnel!

Xena, I bet you are going to be happy.  I know your new family is already loving you. Do a good job of raising those tiny hoomans. The pay off is incredible. Once a hooman loves a Bichon he or she is inoculated for life and our breed, our species [!!!] benefits.  That is why I "allow" belly rubs. That is why I "let them pet me".  That is why I "let them carry me around and love me up!  FOR THE GOOD OF THE BREED AND THE SPECIES!

Yea, I am THAT unselfish.  Meanwhile, I have not been touched in 7 minutes momma.... I am just saying...

And let the music play and the celebration carry on!! Go Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue!! YOU ROCK!

And a one and a two.... dancing my way into a lap....


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bichonpawz said...

SO happy for Xena! Her family looks so happy too! WooHoo!!