Sunday, July 19, 2015


See this "cray cray girl?" She was featured on the TBFR Facebook page as the funny girl!

This bundle of creative energy has a new forever home!!!!!! And I am DANCING!

Gracie girl has a new daddy. I bet he is discovering that she is a smart, resourceful, funny girl. She will be in full ownership of him in no time at all.

Momma says her daddy is a very nice man, but then, momma likes her own kind. He is another legal eagle, so of course she likes him. 

You know, our TBFR procedures... he was "vetted" and you know that whole picky picky picky theng... He must be a nice man.  

Personally I eavesdropped enough to know that Gracie will be in great hands.  I am looking forward to meeting up her daddy in person at the next TBFR event.

Meanwhile... WE DANCE WITH JOY!!!!!


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bichonpawz said...

Yay for Gracie!!!! WooHoo !!