Thursday, July 23, 2015

Ella Fitzgerald said it BEST! It is tooooooo DARN hot!

You know how that goes... You don't?  Well, if you have a minute, I will tell you how it goes.

It goes like this...

It is too darn hot, too darn hot.  You need this background music... trust me...

Ehmm what is a "DANG?"   Anyway, I wanted to go to the boardwalk,

BUT walking on the boardwalk right now would result in second degree burns on my tootsie. Seriously. And did I mention that it is HOT HOT HOT?  Like walking into an oven hot!

So, here is how you do the boardwalk in this heat:

1. YOU pack the car.

a. cold water, lots of it.
b. cooler with chilled fruit and chewies.
c. sunscreen.
d. chill mats
e. momma's rice cakes. [She gets positively miniony evil  when she is hungry]

f. And ... yea, give it to the boy,  You pack Cosmo's SPLISH2.  Splish1 is always home. Splishes 3-7 are in the closet waiting in abeyance,

I will ride in my car seat until we get to the boardwalk. Then I want to be upfront so I can enjoy the view and do my thing. I am the ambassador of good will.

If they have a pulse, seeing my face makes them OHH and AHHH. And you know that daddy has to drive slowly  because those are the rules. So, I lend my best "face" to cheer up the wilted tourists.

Wilted is the right word!  They look wilted! It is not my fault! Spent? I don't know, you come up with a better word!

After about 10 minutes of "press" tour, I have to have a sip. And a nosh, and momma, don't take it personally, but it is too hot to have you hold me.,  SO I am going to retire to my own  chilled gel mat seat where I can chillax.  And yea, I love air conditioning!!! CRANK IT UP DADDY!

Now that is how you do the boardwalk in this heat!


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Two French Bulldogs said...

You got that right!
Lily & Edward