Tuesday, July 7, 2015

AHA, THEY are BACK from the Vegas

It is not Lost Wages it is LAS VEGAS. The VEGAS. ???

So, she came back. And she came back tired. NOOOO, not tired TIRED.  The woman has come back pooped out, dark circles under her eyes, looking like an unmade bed that is covered in unfolded laundry. [Sorry daddy, but we measure things against things we have seen, not that I am ratting anyone out... or anything].

While the momma came back...  TIRED,  the Dowi came back BROKEN!  Yup I am talking broken as in "Don't come near me with food!" broken. Sheesh.  I hope I never get that broken.

The nonna came back fine. No, that's a lie. She came back very fine. She looks rested, satisfied and none worst for the wear.

Sooooo let's discuss.  This was some sort of vacay. I know this because the momma talked about it. She whined about how she needed to get away from the construction [her idea], the unpacking [her idea] her daily routine [which she alone controls]... and she talked incessantly about needing to feed her head and refreshing  her idea well. I had no idea she had one of those! Where does she keep it, anyway? Can't be very big, I should look in her purse. Ultimately,  what I got from all this is that momma can't live with her ideas and projects, right? So basically, she tried to get away from herself???  Now that's a trick!

Ok, I will not focus on that.  I will focus on the other elephant in the room. If she went on a vacation, why is she back SOOOOO TIRED?  Really.  One must ask that question. What is this tired thing about?  I looked through her phone. She took no camera to Vegas.  Something about what happens in Vegas must stay in Vegas ... apparently the Vegas has rules. But her cell phone had maybe 6 or 7 pics and I looked through them. Only one was of the nonna, Dowi and momma. ONLY ONE. I really would like to know what THE HECK WENT ON IN Vegas.

The Dowi claimed she was working. Really?  Does this look like work to you? But then again the fact that she is broken...it is entirely possible she worked.

As if they could "pixalate" enough evidence away... Was the Dowi screaming "Toga Toga Toga" or
"Take it off, all off!"???  "Boooh????????" no really? "Boooh?.... Booo Hooo!"

If you listen carefully to momma and nonna, they claimed they walked and walked and walked.
Why?  Momma should have taken her car.  I mean it just sat here. It's not as if daddy and Adam took us on many rides. Not that I am complaining. After all,we were all too busy dealing with the abandonment issues that come when your momma flies off to the Vegas for some bizarre reason, to realize that we were not being entertained.

And we were trying to deal with MAX whose recurring question was asked by him 11 zillion times a day.... "Is my ONE coming back today?"  Adam did an admirable job of being a good number two,  But let's face it he was not MAX's ONE.

And let's not discuss that whole food issue. Adam, don't mess with momma's equipment. Not unless you make pasta like hers. Nuff said. 

You know who got a real vacay????  The vacuum cleaner. The duster and the weeds! 

I must focus on the fact that momma is back. I must get her untired. And I must casually and gently lull her into confession mode. I need ammo for the next time she decides to fly off to the Vegas or elsewhere.

The ridiculous stops here. Next vacay is not going to happen without US!  I have barked it, and so it shall be.

I need to get into her purse... while she is not looking, ciao

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