Thursday, April 30, 2015


Cousin Coop is doing well. And he is a handsome cat , I am told, Quite a looker even. I 'spose so.
He is soft. That I will give him. And he has great taste in linens.

In the interest of full disclosure, he is basking in blessed ignorance. That means that to date we have not told him about Cosmo.

We should.

We will.

But, but, but... the when and how have not been worked out , yet.

My momma likes to turn everything into a "ceremony". We let her.

The Wendy.  Doing well. To date, she has managed to co -exist with Cosmo without much interaction. It will happen ON HER TERMS. Until then, back off dude.

The Wendy does not put up with much. She will do what she wants and you better deal with it.
She is my hero.

JD is back on full window patrol. Yup. Momma tears up every single time she sees him "tracking" yellow cat. She does have a message for the stooopid person who questioned what kind of an idiot would spend $$$ [dirty paper] to fix up an old dog...


And here is a sobering thought for you.... if money and cash value is the only standard we should apply... in actuarial tables lingo.... you are a 60++[??] year old unemployed woman with a cardiac condition, a history of cancer and no present or future earning potential. Technically speaking you have a negative value as you are costing money and generating none. See where I am going?
The next time you get sick, should we just have you put down? 
[when momma gets mad... stuff comes out of her mouth. no apologies... reality is harsh, sometimes]

It's not about the dirty paper,  It is about EVERYTHING else".

Get real. Nuff said.

Thank you everyone at Hickory Veterinary and ANIMAL EYE CARE ASSOCIATES 
Dr Redding, 
Dr Klemm
Dr. Nadelstein and
 Dr Lieber 
you are the best,

And Mr Myke... There is a lot of grooming to be done according to the momma. But heck we all know she is OCD...

 Meanwhile, JD the king, is back!

Moi?  I chill. I am cool, No worries. Wanna a rub a belly?
I happen to have one of those right here.

It will knock 20 points off your BP reading.  Go ahead, It's therapeutic.

The Cosmo? Oh him.
He is worried. The pool is just about ready.
The pool is the only thing that boy is worried about.
Kinda keeps him HUMBLE... Ha.....

He now divides his suckling time between Splish, Froggy and Monkey... and he also is exploring puzzles. [He is not good at that]
Ehmmmm toy obsessed...

He is smart, works the momma like an old pro.
We shall see how that will play out IN DA POOL... dadaddadummmmmmm

Momma and the daddy are facing phase two of the renovation like old pros... who am I kidding?  They are too tired to react!
But then, we are only at the start of that!

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Two French Bulldogs said...

Glad to hear things are going well in your neck of the woods. Even the patrol looks pretty intense
Lily & Edward