Thursday, April 23, 2015

Ahh, the cuteness of it all or momma's brain needs a reboot

So, today I experienced two heart melting moments.  I was in the car with the momma.  She saw a van in front of us and this is what it said . {with license to protect privacy}


Momma says: "Wow.  Wonder what they do." In her brain she read it as JOENONAMECAR PETCARE.NET

UH? Momma they tell you what they do. What the woof?  Before I could bark a single woff, the little woman has pulled up next to the van and lowering her window she asks the driver "What kind of car care do you provide for pets?"

First melting moment.  The driver cocked his head to the side, giving momma the cutest head tilt evah!  Looked like me when I am trying to make sense of hooman jibberish, you know... hoomanish? He was so cute. And he managed cuteness without floppy ears!!! I am woofing sooo sooo cute.

He then shook his head, tilted the other way and said " No, No, I wash carpets... floor coverings... you know, rugs... nothing to do with pets... or cars...not directly, anyway..."

Then momma, gave me the second melting moment!  She cocked her head to the side, dropped her jaw and said,. "OOOOOOOHHHH... duh. You know where my mind is...."

He had no idea that she had a mind, let alone where it was... But my momma's head tilt was so cute I just wanted to lick up her face!.

Soooo, do you think she needs a reboot?  She seems to have a corrupt sector. Either that... or we have finally flipped her total reality so that she can no longer related to anything PET-Less...

But I want more head tilts.  They are so so so cute!!!!


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