Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tasty Tuesday? Mhhh.... you judge.

So, this will be a bit of a "controversial" post, but hey, I am all about the "honesty factor".

Sometimes, food is not the delicious you want.  Sometimes, what you want is more of a ... bonding [?!- good buzz word! let's go with it] moment.  And what better bonding can be had than a slow, delicious semi chew of one of your favorite hoomans... He has to trust you and you have to show him you can be trusted not to really chew off anything. See? BONDING.

Yes, I am submitting it as a Tasty Tuesday post!  Why not? 
Oh give me a break Everybody has a fav chewing hooman.  We don't hurt them!  It is more like , you know... a gentle nibble that lets them know that they are loved and that they are... delicious.

My Adam happens to be my fav delicious hooman, I could spend all day nibbling on him.

Oh go away. You are just jealous. My hooman is delicious. Occasionally momma's hand taste yummy, but her hands are bony and she does not stick around to be a chew toy. 

OH, I forgot... this is a CALORIES free treat! 

Do you have a fav chew hooman?  One you will admit to?

Just between us?

Do tell.

And Adam... I have been on a DIET.  I miss you,
You can chew on me when you get here.


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Two French Bulldogs said...

I like biting moms nose
Lily & Edward