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Friday, April 17, 2015


 Why can't I have one?  Why?
Ignoring me is NOT the answer momma.  If you are going to deny me my one and only [for today] fondest wish, you OWE me some kind of explanation.

 I met the little white furry blurry pink nosed thingie., It is so cute I want to bring it home.

 I watched it. It is behind the glass ! How awful. It needs to me rescue it. It needs me to bring it home.

 I will love it, and play with it and chase it and snuggle it and let it run freeeeeeeeeeee!

Look at it momma, it is ever so cute! It matches me!  I think is it a Bichon -mouse!

Why not???? Momma you are a hypocrite. No- "because I said so" is not a valid answer.
You run this house like you are a dictator. Yes I am pouting. I want the furry thing!
No more kisses.  I am done with you.

who asked you to clean up after it? Make daddy do it!
I am not talking to you.
I am done.


Two French Bulldogs said...

You tell her! Who is that on the bottom of the cart stealing stuff
Lily & Edward

Sally Ann and Andy said...

I tried that same line on my Mommy, but she wouldn't let me have a r a t. I told her I needed it to pratice my earthdog skills. She didn't listen.
Sally Ann

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