Monday, April 27, 2015

Overheard at the "cement pond"

The Wendy decided to give Cosmo some insight as to what is coming.

Why?  Well in part because the two leggeds were out there opening up the pool for the season. Cosmo was annoying everyone with his barking because that is what he does when he is excited and when he has no idea what is happening.
Telling the boy about the pool was a sure fire way to get him refocused. The Wendy is smart.

Here is what we heard:
"It wont's be long now, Cosmo boy. You are going to have your first "pool" experience.
 You better start suckling your duckie and get all the "consolation" you can get.

Momma is kind of nuts about this. Once that muck is out of that pool, and once the water starts looking transparent and not foamy or green or iccky... momma will be pulling out life jackets. FOR US.  Yes, dude, US.  Meaning us four -four leggeds-.

Cosmo started to listen and started to worry. He got Splish. He tried to ignore The Wendy at first.

But that plan went out the window when she pulled out the old pictures. 
All The Wendy had to to do was sit back and let Cosmo look at the pictures.
They told the story.

Yea, Cos, it's coming... POOOOOOL TIME

Silvieon4 asked: "Wendy, are you going to tell him ?  Are you just going to terrorize the boy?"

The Wendy: "Yawn... boy the key to getting out "swim lessons" is to show momma that
1. you can paddle swim and stay afloat.

2. you know how to get to steps and get out. There, I told him, like that is going to help him. Hahahaha and don't bother asking why. They are hoomans, they do all sorts of strange things!"

JD, lookes over to The Wendy and gave her that look... you know... THAT look that said it all... YOU EVIL GIRL....

And now we have a quiet worried Cosmo and silence is supreme.


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Two French Bulldogs said...

We can't wait to see more swimming pictures
Lily & Edward