Monday, March 3, 2014

Will the real DC Cooper please stand up?

I overheard them talking about DC Cooper.  This dude????
Mhhh Momma made some funny noises at that picture. I have no clue what "I like bad boys" means. But taken at face value, that statement makes sense...  JD is bad to the bone. But apparently this is the wrong dude, unless he is now living with Uncle Phil. Is he? No. Momma would have been in her car already.

Nahhhhh, that's DB. Cooper..., another kind of trouble maker...

Ahhhh That's the DC Cooper they are talking about.  The CAT cousin!  He is a real trouble maker!
A chair tipping cat! What do you mean the chair was "defective?"

And apparently this DC COOPER can't stand up because he is "lounging in the jacuzzi".  He is so.... weird, he is sooo... CAT!


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Marty the Manx said...

Hahahaha! So cat. Lounge and look like you didn't do anything!That chair and coat were already laying here, I was just lounging. Ralphie lies in the tub too......hmmmm