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This post and the advertised giveaway are sponsored by Excalibur. All opinions ARE mine BECAUSE I am opinionated! [just look at this blog... I am full of opinions!]
Have you seen this?
I just LOVE my Kol.  He is more than "simpatico"...he is hawt. But, that's another post....

The contest opens for submission on Tuesday, March 18th, so get creative and pick the recipe you want to submit.

SO, I have to ASK:

THIS IS an Excalibur 9 Tray Dehydrator
(model 3926TCDBwith a clear door and a timer!...
[momma is a bit green with envy... the clear door envy]
Excalibur Dehydrator Giveaway

For the last few years... 4123 posts behind me... [I did tell you I am full of opinions!] I have been warning, begging, teaching, informing, posting, whining, preaching, cajoling and expounding etc. etc.   about the dangers of Chinese Chicken treats. Then things got really ugly and all chicken treats became unsafe, and then turkey treats, etc. etc...

When the FDA warns you about them and they supposedly cannot identify the pathogens, or organisms, or toxic caca that kills... you MUST listen. We have published the Butcher's Bill  one too many times... For us, the decision was simple. We are not falling for packaging that costs 5 times as the product it allegedly contains... We are not falling for Madison Avenue commercials with cutsie names and jingles that jangle my nerves... 

Not to mention... the lies and deceptions practiced by some of these companies.
JD has allergies, The Wendy has a sensitive stomach that matches her soul, and I am a picky diva with a discriminating palate and a royal sense of entitlement..
Momma's sanity cannot take running to check UPC codes and expiration dates and FDA recalls. So WE MAKE OUR OWN TREATS, WE HOME COOK EVERYTHING!.

No mystery ingredients, no chem lab recitation, no warning to wash your hands after handling...[seriously is that toxic and yet you claim I should ingest it???- House rule: if it can't go in momma's mouth, it can't go in mine. YOU LOSE!].
And we love our temple of yumminess aka EXCALIBUR.  We did tell you why before, you can see that post here: 
We want you to have the same kind of treats we get: safe ones, delicious ones, so we can stop publishing the Butcher's Bill. Please do not be a sad statistic. That's why momma called the Excalibur people and asked them to sponsor this contest.

And I am not going to lie to you... Momma eats stuff that comes out of Excalibur all the times... and not without a tinge of resentment from me.  But JD keeps telling me that we need OUR STAFF to be healthy, so, I tolerate it. But I do wish she would get her own machine. This one should be ALL OURS.

Enough.  So in the name of HEALTH, BETTER LIVING, SAFE and HAPPY FEEDING,  get your recipe ready and submit it and WIN this wonderful machine .   Oh oh oh, I do not want to forget this:

THANK YOU EXCALIBUR for everything!  And most 
of all for helping us SPREAD THE WORD and facilitate 
healthy living.

I have spent many happy moments sitting and admiring  my EXCALIBUR... sniffing that wonderful aroma that comes out of it... 

That’s why  teamed up with Excalibur and  KOL .
Excalibur 9 Tray Dehydrator
(model 3926TCDBwith a clear door and a timer!

Excaliburs are THE TOP OF THE LINE dehydrators.

They’re manufactured in the USA. They’ve got tons of size options, so no matter whether you’re drying treats for just your own dog or all the dogs on the block, there is a dehydrator for you. Unlike many dehydrators, Excalibur Dehydrators have a horizontal airflow, not a vertical one. This means that the trays don’t need to be rotated and you get a more evenly dried treat. Their special Hyperwave technology ensures that your treats dry safely, drawing moisture away from the surface and ensuring no moisture or bacteria is trapped inside. The fluctuating temperature create a drying process unlike any other.
If you can’t wait, you can order yourself a dehydrator now -
you can even save 15% by using Excalibur Discount Code PETLOVE at the check out
(savings good until April 15, 2014)


The contest opens for submission on Tuesday, March 18th, so get creative and pick the recipe you want to submit!

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