Thursday, March 20, 2014

1.5 mill !!!!! Seriously?

Woa.  One of these sold for 1.5 millions?  Woa.  That's a lot of chewies.

So I went and asked my momma: "What am I worth? How much money would you sell me for?"
Know what my momma said? She said: "Honey, you are priceless. I would not sell you, trade you or ever ever give you up for any reason whatsoever,not in a million years, never. You are my baby girl, you are worth way more than mere money, which as you know is only dirty paper."

 So, I am worth more than 1.5 mill. KEWL... Maybe I should sell my fur "trims". Maybe I should talk to Mr Myke, about saving what he clips off of me. Mhhh What do you think?

I also asked how much she would sell daddy for. She did say something about public policy issues, etc, and something about negotiable, best offer, age and condition issue, but I stopped listening in the middle because JD was fanning his tail and you know that makes me crazy. Time to play!

BUT, just so you know I AM NOT EVER FOR SALE!

That's good to know.

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1 comment:

Two French Bulldogs said...

I was going to put a bid in for you
Lily & Edward