Monday, March 31, 2014

While you were gone....

Momma, I tried to take over  momma duties.

I really did.
I did the apron thing and discovered that the stupid rag does not impart any powers. I thoughts once I out it one, it would be like a magic cape and I would be able to cook up anything.

Truth... NADA, zip, zilch.
I felt like daddy.

Except he has thumbs. Which he apparently does not know what to do with.

I thought if I have the hair thing going I would get into character. All I managed to do was bark some four letter words.  Apparently that is all the character I could muster from "hair".

So... momma. I will not divulge why all your timers had one or more minutes left on them . No, no woof out of me as to why strange things are in the house. [pizza they called it... ugh ugh ugh].

Despite the fact that you sound like one serious duck [did you have a duck mode modulation device installed?] I am glad you are back.  And thank you for de stinking because when you came home, you stenched of nasty hospital. I could barely look at you.

Now about my foots.  I hurted it again. I am sorry, but now we both have an excuse for laying down.

Can we keep these vacations of yours at a minimum? They are really inconvenient and I cannot deal with daddy's anxiety. He is a mess.With thumbs, but a mess.

And how fair is it that the Dori's visit was spent in the stooopid hospital place?

NOT FAIR.  I demand a redo !
PS. I do much better at having staff than I do at being STAFF..

Hey! Tomorrow, April 1, we start the voting on the recipes you submitted for the Excalibur contest.... Momma, get better quick because we got to be taste tasting!!!!!


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Two French Bulldogs said...

Maybe you need to keep it on to see what will happen
Lily & Edward