Monday, March 17, 2014

St. Paddy's Day

Well, whomp  there it is.  I AM NOT IRISH.  That having been said, do not kiss me.

I am in a cranky mood.

Where is my sunshine?  I am sick of rain. My daffodils are sick of rain.

It is time for me to TAKE BACK my back yard. I need to go sniffing, marking and re discovering. It has been a long hard winter.Momma said it snowed in Eritrea. Seriously!  Insane! Global warming sounds more like global cooling to me! Ahh ok, JD says erratic weather patterns. {Someone should really take away his NY Times subscription.  He is such a know it all!]

I am willing to participate in the festivities, within limits... I will do the corned beef and cabbage, I will do a slice of Irish soda bread if you leave out  the raisins, but I will not do the kissing the blarney stone bit and I will not partake in the beer thing or in coloring my ears or tail green or any of those shenanigans..

Actually, to be honest with you, there is one thing that makes me smile. Tomorrow is Tasty Tuesday and it is when the EXCALIBUR contests starts. I am so looking forward to the flurry of new recipes and taste tasting.  I expect momma will be busy for a while, and I expect I will be lending m expert palate and as I see it,  it's a WIN WIN for everyone!  Make sure you submit your recipe.  I want to know what's doing at your house!

Momma is always telling us how lucky we are. Please help me show her she is not that special.
{Ooooh I am in a MOOD today!} Show her that other dogs get home made treats.  Auntie Jodi, do you see what I have to put up with?

 I think I have a case of the Monday BLUES.  Yes, they should be GREENS....


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