Friday, March 28, 2014

Who gives the best kisses?

Obviously I do. But the Wendy thinks she is the mad kissing machine and she is always up for kissing daddy.

And therein lies the problem.

To get to daddy I have to work around the Wendy. Much easier to get to momma.  The Wendy had momma rights for the first hour in bed. Momma is  all hers then. We all get that.  After that belly rubbing and talking out. [Wendy talks and  talks and talks...] then I get to move in and momma becomes mine. That's just the way it works. JD gets his momma time on his own terms. He is such a "male". Nuff said.

But this kissing thing with daddy and with Uncle Phil and Dowi and nonna.and the Adam is something I have to work out. I mean, really Wendy Pohh, must you be a kiss hog?

Oh wait, before I forget. A shout out to the strange hooman who gagged when JD kissed momma. {we were looking at the fishies in the pet store] Ehmm, sir... you went on and on about how unhealthy it was for momma to be kissed by a dog. You even went on a rampage about how even handling dog food is not safe for hoomans.  Did you happen to notice the eye roll you got?  Know why?  Because momma makes our food, fresh, every day. And sometimes she has the same meal as we have. What sane person would feed their beloved dog "food" [yea let's use his term, we call it caca] that is so toxic that it can't be safely handled?????  We practice good hygiene. We practice safety. We practice what we preach, healthy living. We are clean, healthy and well adjusted. Can you say the same?

Ehmmm what did you have for dinner last night?  We had turkey breast, sweet potatoes crunchies, apples, zucchini and Basmati.   I bet you had something out of a can.  And ... momma would not kiss you if you were the last hooman in the universe. She said that. She meant it too.

Nuff about him.

Hey, soo, we will be sharing the recipes you submitted for the Excalibur rafflecopter give away.
I am so excited.... my mouth is all set to taste every one of them. I have to!  It is called informed choice! How else can I vote properly? Integrity is a demanding mistress. :)  Get your recipe in  and win this beautiful altar of yumminess.


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Careful you don't get human germs
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