Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The White Hat Society MEETS again!

This month, the "hatted" ones, designated a Sunday as "tuesday" {I did not know you could do that , but you betcha I am going to find a way to use that to my advantage really soon....} and Quincy's momma arranged for a luncheon at the Port O' Call in the Outer Banks, or as we call it around here.. OBX. Miss Chris thank you for all your good work. The treat bags were such a nice touch. Loved the cookies.  Whaaaaaat, they are part of my allowed caloric intake. Sort of like... the Necca Wafers I stole, found,  liberated in daddy's car.

I digress. What does it mean when momma says she needs to come by to pay homage to the jewelry store?

All I know is she entered this info in her Nuvi and that is serious :
          PORT O CALL 
Milepost 8.5, (The Beach Road)
504 S. Virginia Dare Trail
Kill Devil Hills, NC 27848
I smell shopping.

Stacey Williams looks gorgeous in a white hat!
Momma is NOT thrilled daddy is taking her picture.

Thse Hatters always seem to have a grand time. Auntie Robin, what was so funny?

Sarah, what are you thinking about???

Ms Joanne Turner was the holistic training speaker who told all the white hatters to be Alphas. Mh.  She has not met MOI. You cannot out alpha royalty. Deal with it.Frumpt. Momma do not get any ideas. Seriously.

They talk, before during and after their luncheon.... talk, talk, talk....

When will you guys get wise and include your beloved Bichons in the lunch???

Just asking.

Jan 08, 2013
La di da ladida la dida....who is this Ladida creature anyway? WHAT THE WOOF?????!!!! RED HATS?????? Puiple? And this proud WHITE HATTER is kibbutzing with the red hats! Auntie Janet , you look Maaaaahvaleous.
Dec 19, 2011
No, I have a white hat because I belong to the White hat society, I just like outrageous hats. What's the point of wearing a way that does not stop traffic? December 19, 2011 at 7:29 PM · bichonpawz said... Love your hat!
Aug 14, 2012
The Mama said something about white hat shopping this week and she had better not be talking about the same kind of white hat YOUR Momma has because frankly, your white hats seem to gad about an awful lot leaving ...
Jan 19, 2011
Check them out... The White Hat Society once again, stopped traffic, lunched, chatted and raised awareness and had a grand time. I sniffed momma. She had food in front of me behind my back...and she did not share, not ...

Jul 15, 2012
Ok, guys, I am ready for the next White Hat Lunch. Shall we do the Deli again? I am game for corned beef. I have MY white hat. Now you have no excuse to leave me home. Auntie Robin, I am allowed, right? Right? This is ...
Mar 24, 2011
You know I have been ...shall we say ... "curious" about this "WHITE HAT SOCIETY". The concept of voluntarily putting on a hat is entirely foreign to me. And some of momma's hats....sheeesh .... We will just leave it at that, ...
Jun 22, 2011
The one think that momma has resented the absolute most about being sick has been missing the white Hat Society Luncheon... 7 .... she has 7 new white hats and her parading them around the bedroom is just pure insult ...
Jul 25, 2011
White Hat Society v White Coat Society. Where is the food? All this time I was jealous of the food. I see no food.Soup? What kind? Miso does not count as soup. It's really salty water. Ok , so they are having fun... or faking a ...
Feb 23, 2011
White Hat Society meeting. Like I am stupid. Or like I am NOT supposed to notice. I was watching momma upload her pictures from today's WHS luncheon and suddenly something struck me as ... funny. No, not as in ha ha ...
Apr 27, 2011
what is it about a White Hat... That makes ladies so pretty???? I dunno. Maybe I have a soft spot for all things white. Go figure. 'vie. PS. THE WHITE HAT SOCIETY MET AGAIN! Posted by silvieon4 on Wednesday, April 27, ...
Dec 11, 2012
So... momma abandoned me again. YES. she left me at home. Alone - So technically not so alone... with Wendy, JD and the nonna. but as far as I am concerned I was ALONE! All this because of the WHITE HAT SOCIETY.
Jun 21, 2012
Yes, they were at it again... The White Hat Society... And I am sure there are more pictures, but this is what I found in momma's camera. I know that place! Been there many times. Momma always eats these tiny shell things ...


bichonpawz said...

The White Hat Society sure has a fun time by the looks of the pictures!! We have been trying and trying to talk mama & daddy into taking us to the OBX!! We have never been there. It sounds like a fabulous place...especially if there is shopping!! Oh wait. That's probably why daddy doesn't want to go!! Your momma looks beautiful in her white hat!

silvieon4 said...

Tell your daddy that there is a fab outlet ... great food, and stuff like peach ice cream made with a tractor... and Va wine, and CRABS. We love a good crab feast!