Wednesday, January 9, 2013

You say Geek like it's a bad theng!

  From my big brother:

ME: 4:45 pm
    please, let this be in my lifetime!!!!!!!

 From my big brother: 4:45 pm
    The math works!
    The Eagleworks team has discovered that the energy requirements are much lower than previously thought. If they optimize the warp bubble thickness and "oscillate its intensity to reduce the stiffness of space time," they would be able to reduce the amount of fuel to manageable amount: instead of a Jupiter-sized ball of exotic matter, you will only need 500 kilograms to "send a 10-meter bubble (32.8 feet) at an effective velocity of 10c."

 From my big brother: 4:46 pm
    Meaning we could visit a planet 20 light years away in 2 years
    And the acceleration within the warp bubble is zero, meaning no intertia problems, no stress on the ship

Me: 4:47 pm
    Oh, is it wrong  of me to drool?

 From my big brother: 4:47 pm

Please, send me there~
They always send the dogs in first!


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