Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It is...2013

So..., they dropped that ball that changes the year. Why it is such a big deal, I am not sure. Two leggeds are just strange.  They "celebrate" the strangest things in the strangest ways!

Dropping a ball. That is a celebration? In my book that's a failed catch. I am just saying.

More weirdness. Noises. Lots of them. As if these grown up two leggeds have had to keep quiet for a whole year and on this one day they feel compelled to let loose and make all sorts of weird noises.  What gives?  What's with the firecrackers and horns and rattles?  Seriously people, what gives? You need to let loose by unnerving all four leggeds? WEIRD.

And the weird foods. Lentils, black eyed peas, greens... Want to really celebrate? Get some ham!  Give me some wonderful yummy prosciutto! Keep the nasty stuff for some other time of the year.

All right, I am not going to descend into griping.  I am a wonderfully adjusted, happy, loved [what's not to love about me?] girl. But in her usual OCD driven way, momma is asking for resolutions from all of us and she expects to see a list of them. Well, what can I resolve?  Seriously, I am a Bichon. I am Silvieon4 the Bichon. That equates to as near to perfection as perfection can be had on this earth.  I can no more resolve to be better than I can make water wetter, or the sun hotter. What does that woman want from me?

I am just going to start pointing to her closet and reminding her that it is a cave of insanity which needs to be sorted and packed up. That should send her spinning into her own resolution quagmire. Yea, it is called "re-focusing".

The thing is, I will then feel sorry for her and will give her my belly to de-stress.  I am unselfish that way.  What can I say, I love the woman, and I need her to maintain some level of sanity.  That turkey jerky is NOT going to make itself you know....

So... for her sake, here goes my "resolution list":

1. I will , hmmmm... not splash so much when I drink.
2. Act as if daddy is not GOD when he has car keys in hand or a leash near by.
3. Fine, all right.  I will eat my yogurt, even though you hide my allergy pill in it. Echhh.

There, I am all resolved now, happy????



NanaNor's said...

Happy New Year Silvie! This is a good list of resolutions and some I'm sure you can keep. We humans are pretty weird that is for sure.
Have a great day.
Wags, Noreen & Hunter

Marshmallow said...

I think your resolutions sound good, but you have a point. How do you improve upon perfection? My resolutions are: to try not to track wilderness into the house from outside; try to eat my pumpkin with dinner a little neater so I don't get it on my face; and allow mama and daddy to rub my tummy more (I snuck that one in there, I thought maybe nobody would notice!). Happy New Year, 'Vie!

bichonpawz said...

Hey! Happy New Year Silvie!! Mama is trying to read blogs using Google Reader, but it seems that her comments are not showing up and we don't know it is not that we are not reading!! xo Jeanne, Chloe and LadyBug