Thursday, January 24, 2013

Is this better than being with me?

Sooooo who is the hottie in uniform?

Was he part of history??? He looks fierce. Sooo, do you all think I should cut the Dowi some slack and accept her "excuse"?  We really need to draw up a visitation contract.  You know, with minimum number of visits and presents and belly rubs and such. Just so my expectations are not shattered. Sniff.

On the upside, momma assures me this mishegas only happens every four years. Deep breath.

Maybe I could let her off the hook, if the next time she came bearing chewies.  What do you think?


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Kolchak Puggle said...

Oh Vie, I don't know if it's "better", per se, but wow! What an experience. I'm sure Dowi will bring you lots of peace offerings when she comes. After all, she *owes* you.