Monday, January 28, 2013

Monday Mischief? Hardly!

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This snow stuff is really putting a crimp on my style!

Rolling yourself on carpeting is just not that much fun.
And I am bored. Momma says that there are NO refills for the puzzles because we worked them to death...
And I really want to go to the boardwalk, but it is too cold.
Oh how I miss sniffing the weird stuff on the beach!

Momma, want to play Gordon Ramsey?  You cook and  bake and I eat it all and call it rubbish?

Nooooo, I am not saying that!  Gordon Ramsey says that!

Ok, Let's play Rachel Ray, I know it's a quick game, only thirty minutes, wait, I got it!  Let's play Paula Deen and schmear butter everywhere and taste everything!!!!  I love her.

Again with the no?  Do you know any other word?

Well, I am out of ideas, what game do you want to play? I could play chase the sucker upper, but that thing is loud. I am just going to play toss 'em with my upstairs toy box.

I love making it rain toys from the balcony! No, you cannot say no to that!  Mommmmmmmma.
Boredom kills everything, even germs.  Do you want me dead from boredom?


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Anonymous said...

Oh the boredom syndrome. We get that too, it's tough.