Tuesday, October 7, 2014

When your cat gets out of control....

Who are you going to call?

This is how it went down....

Cooper to Uncle Phil: "Whaaaaaatttttt???? What do you want? This seat?  No.  I was here FIRST and I got it all warmed up"
Uncle Phil: "Coop, buddy, move"

Cooper to Uncle Phil: "NO, go away, I called dibs and you are out of luck. Should you not be at work right now????"
Uncle Phil: "Come on Coop, share!"

Cooper to Uncle Phil " I said NO. You are bothering me and the last thing you want to do is to bother me. Do you want things to get ugly? Now go find something you hoomans do and do it and let me relax."

Uncle Phil.... retreated to his bedroom.

Nobody messes with Cooper....

Uncle Phil, seriously, that CAT has you whipped. Perhaps, perchance... by accident you should let it slip that MAX is coming back to visit. Perhaps... perchance... Remember how Max had Cooper in a tizzy?I am just saying... I would... Maybe you should invite Max over. I am just saying.  I would put that kitty cat in his place... I would I would...

So the answer is... when your cat gets out of control... you call MAX.

'vie who always shares her seat.

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