Sunday, October 26, 2014

Black and White Sunday: The things you do for LOVE

It is fall. I know this because the momma went out and bought more rags for us. AS if we needed "rags".

She is in love with this black and white sweater thingie. Bought a matching one for the Wendy. Yuh. Really.  because my favorite thing is to be matchie matchie with the Wendy.... NOOOOT!!!!  I am me.  I have my own style.

We all know I favor the upscale, glam look of a faux fur.  I shine in satin, I sparkle in silks, I beam in designer wear... This just makes me feel humpty dumpty suburbia.... and that is NOT MOI!

But I am letting momma have her moment.

But it will have consequences.  This will cost her something.  I will cogitate and demand my payment at a later time. Meanwhile.... happy Black and White Sunday.  Thank goodness this is VA and it is too dang warm for this get up today!!!


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