Monday, October 6, 2014

Bark in the Park 2014! It's a WRAP-2-!

These pictures were taken by my Auntie Eleanora Mcclenney, Timmy's momma.

I am publishing them as EVIDENCE.  This post is directed specifically to my four legged family.
You know how the two leggeds tell us over and over how hard they work to raise $$ for the rescue?

You know how they call doing all these fundraising events "WORK???"

In my humble observation of this evidence I see Uncle Bob... and my momma... and food.
Lots of food. and both uncle Bob and momma... are EATING. I don't see working. I see EATING.

I think I will volunteer to "work" at a fundraising event the next time. Oh Heck we should all "volunteer". I overheard that a certain dog [Griffin] was in attendance and his silence was bought with some food...  I am just saying... know what I mean... so much grift... I got the drift...'vie

Comment from the momma: 
Dear Silvieon4. shame on you.  An army travels on its stomach and just to be clear I was not eating, I was dealing with plastic wrap.  Uncle Bob was having lunch or breakfast and Griffin worked his tushy off and managed to look adorable in his strut  of adoptable dogs. He earned every bite.
But if you want to volunteer, I will be glad to have you on board.  Just be ready to do without AC, cushions, upholstery and ice cubes in your water,
Love you

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