Thursday, October 2, 2014

Thoughtless Thursday.... It's a Dog's life.

It's a dog's life....

or is it?

Max.... making do while his momma is at work.
The "poor" boy is forced to sleep on his frog.
22 23 pillows in the apartment are NOT enough.
5 dog beds, 2 couches, one huge bed, 4 chairs, etc...
NOT enough to provide him with the comfort he needs.
Yea Dowi. Look at that poor boy... [ I love steeping her in guilt]

And the puppy cam...What is up with that??? PRIVACY humans, have you ever heard of that???

At my house...
Our quiet boredom was shattered by the neighbor's unreasonable insistence on using their garage.  The nerve of them.  Seriously.   They are new here.  JD is still house sitting that house for the original owners, but they have been gone a while.  These "intruders" act like this is THEIR house.  As if....

As you can see, we are hard at work as JD's back up team... Some of us are anyway... The Wendy ... not so much.

We ended up moving our patrol downstairs where we had to deal with the various repair people and plaster people etc etc...

I need the thumb gifted people to actually finish unpacking and settle down so we can actually have our daily naps... and have NOTHING to think about!

Grand Central Station has less traffic than my house... I am thinking of booking two weeks at the Monaco.   Hoomans...

'vie and Da gang.

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Two French Bulldogs said...

The things we are forced to do
Lily & Edward