Sunday, October 12, 2014

Black and White it is NOT . It's a complicated life I lead.

She says I am a work of art.  And I AM!  See?

She says I am royalty, I am the princess, And I am. See??? And I am happy...


She starts talking "trash".... dental? Why??? Physical????? Why? Grooming???? I am clean!

She is upsetting my world.  She is momma and momma needs a hobby and she needs to remember who she is dealing with.  ROYALTY.

We call the shots.
Somebody tell her and it's no kisses and wags until she gets that message.

Happy Black and White Sunday.  I am going to pout.  Ehmmm, Max she also made an appointment for you... That is all I am going to say.  Snort.


Nola and Sugar, THANK YOU for hosting

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