Saturday, April 5, 2014

The Cooper chronicles

My cousin DC Cooper  came to visit. Technically this was also his first full on outing.  Apparently cats must travel in a cage.  I am so glad I am a Bichon!!!!!  SO so so glad!  I have my very own car seat. Anyway, DC Cooper was not so crazy about leaving his cage like thingie.

I tried to get him out for a long time.  Look at me, I am practically in there with him.
The Wendy tried too. WE both did. But DC Cooper is shy.

Finally when he came out, momma took the flashy box and DC Cooper gave her "face". see? He is sitting next to my uncle Phil. Fine...I will say it outloud, DC Cooper is sitting next to HIS DADDY. There I said it! I am much too secure to have jealousy issues.

Here, after DC got comfy enough to explore, JD and the Wendy tried to engage him into some play. No deal.  Don't cats play? 

This boy was not feeling at home. Momma gave him some fresh tuna. Hey Dr. Redding, momma gave DC Cooper TUNA... before dinner!  You said that's like eating ice cream. I think you should talk to her. [We did not get tuna. just to be clear.] 

JD decided to give DC Cooper some space, so he would eat.  But no, he sniffed, licked and decided not to touch it.

He ignored the toy box... but liked being under the bar.  Strange. There is nothing under there. We know.

And then, when finally, DC Cooper decided to relax and play...Well, what we don't have pictures of is when Cooper actually did come out and stretched on the couch and explored. I am looking at momma. She failed to document that.  And you know why?  Because Miss momma was giving Cooper some scritching and scratching. Her digits were busy trying to make Cooper's motor run. Yuh, he has a motor or something.  I heard it. At times it sort of runs? I have no idea what it does other than make noise, but I am looking forward to discovering all the apps that come with this "purring" thing! and I do have one question, Where is his motor thingie?  And where do the batteries go to it?  Or is it solar?  And can I get one?

One more thing. Dr. Redding you should know that momma's bad deed went beyond tuna. ... she gave him dehydrated duck gizzards, pork liver and heart bits.... OUR stuff.  You know, the stuff she dehydrated for US?!  Dr R,  I think you should talk to momma and put her in her place. I don't mind sharing, but, dude... OUR treats?????? Cooper did not even eat them, he sniffed, momma packed them up and said Cooper would eat them at home. Mh. Dr R, do something, talk to the woman because I am not ready to be sharing MY treats. Can or should cats even have OUR  DOG treats????  Blah blah blah.... I am not listening momma, I don't want to hear that food is food, I want to hear that cats cannot eat MY DOG food.

Look, Uncle Phil, if Cooper likes OUR dehydrated treats, maybe, just maybe you should try to win your own Excalibur dehydrator, because... then you could make Cooper his OWN treats.Listen uncle Phil, seeing as you are now a daddy with responsibilities  [Message delivered- know what I mean?]  Here, Uncle Phil  try and win your own dehydrator- An Excalibur would look great in that show piece of under used kitchen of yours. U
ncle Phil, this is how you can win you own Excalibur, like this one:
Love ya, 'vie


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