Wednesday, April 2, 2014

How should I react?

Yes that was my reaction to momma telling me she wanted me to see something "special".  At first I got all excited.  I figured that somehow, magically she had managed to make a few of the recipes in her broken state.

And then...and then she shows me these:... and then I was underwhelmed....

?! what the woof?  Are we getting a small hooman? Noooo she says, these are her "first shoes".

I am speechless... so many thoughts, none can be put in print,
A cultivated fetish...????
Three continents and half a century and you still hang on to something you can't fit your big toe in?

Allright.  You do not have a problem.

Obviously I DO have a problem!  you!
I need a functional hooman.  I need to test drive some of those delicious recipes... It is for the good of dogkind!  I have to test them!!!!!

Yea, I am wordless.  YOU , use those dang thumbs, and VOTE.

Some lucky duck will take home this:
Should you need a taster , please know that I am available STAT!.

 Again, 'vie

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