Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tasty Tuesday- Sweet potatoes treats

It is ! It is TASTY TUESDAY!

I have discussed with the momma her recent lazyness  inability to fully function in the kitchen. But pray tell, how is a sore throat and sore tongue stop her hands from doing something wonderful for her fluff babies?

We have all pitched in and tried to help her get better.  Now we need a little give back, A little "sumeting sumeting".

The discussion worked. To everyone else's surprise, yesterday the momma played with one of her machines. [she has not been doing much in the kitchen... or anywhere else...] She fed her machine a bunch of sweet potatoes. Nothing exciting there.  JD is the sweet potato fresser, not moi.

Shredded sweet potatoes do not look like food. Orange shreds look like the stuff Dowi uses when she displays cake pops... And who wants to eat paper? [That's a different post, ok... now now, let it go.]

Bottom line - It looked like non food... I did not want to jump to any delusions. You know how that goes.
Then she nuked the shreds. She something about making them softer and more pliable.Pliable???? Partly cooked. Ohhhh  Nuke= microwave three minutes at full power for 2 cups of shreds.

And then that's when things got really weird. Momma did something very odd. She gathered all the semi empty bags containing bits of turkey jerky and instead of sprinkling them bag empty into our food bowls, as it is proper and customary....the woman sprinkled the bits into the bowl of sweet potatoes shreds. Look, I love the sound of the zip as the bags open... love it, makes my mouth all wet- that's why we all came running when we heard the bags... So imagine my disappointment when  she emptied the bags  into the bowl of shreds. Seriously!!!

The momma 's short bursts of energy  fizzle out very quickly. [I think we need to up her vitamins.] I can't be questioning her so I had to take it on faith that whatever this was, it would be eatable at some point.

So I shut up and I watched.  She added about 1/2 cup of chick pea flour, a half a cup of yogurt, and a handful of dry cranberries. Mushed up everything together and made odd looking patties.[she really should have used a scooper to make them uniform and pretty.... but....] Then she kind of toasted the patties slighlty in a hot non stick skillet and then moved them into the temple of yumminess. Four hours later she took them out. The actually smelled good. But the proof is in the taste.

Last night she gave out one pattie to each of us for snack. I waited to taste mine.  I watched the Wendy and the JD.  JD took his to his special DO NOT DISTURB ME spot and started licking it to death. That's is how he eats great treats.  The Wendy snarfed hers in no time at all.

Then she started looking at mine. So, I decided I would try it.  I am shocked to report that it was delicious. That turkey jerky crumb addition made it delicious!  I loved them.

You should try them too!.  It is like a mini thanksgiving treat. 

So, get creative and do your own version. And yes, you can sill cast your vote and try and win your very own temple of yumminess.


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stellaroselong said...

We love sweet potatoes at our house also.
stella rose

Two French Bulldogs said...

Sounds like this mom! Boy does that look tasty
Lily & Edward

Unknown said...

Mmm, I love me some sweet potato. Those look amazing!