Saturday, April 19, 2014

And THEN.... I became an AUNT! DANCE of joy time!

So, there has been lots of talking at my house.  Mostly the talking took place between the Dowi and the momma, and auntie Robin. Apparently the Dowi had decided that she needs a roommate. I thought about visiting her, but I am not moving to DC.  I have to be with my Wendy and my JD and my momma. Much as I love her, my responsibilities are here and my days are full.

So.... after many hours of talking [Hoomans talk and talk and talk ...] and much blah blah blah...the Dowi decided that she should look for her roommate at White Dog Cottage.

I will not bore you with the minutia. [It's my new word of the week, I love it.] But Auntie Robin and the Dowi decided that she should meet MAX. Well you can see how Max felt about a bunch of semi. strangers just coming to White Dog Cottage. He remembered  my momma, as she is the treat lady...[momma is a well known treat giver, I mean the woman stuffs her pockets with liver treats and turkey jerky... how can you ignore her???] 

Anyway, MAX decided to play it cool. For about 3 minutes. He was just not sure as to what was going on. The Dowi, on the other paw, had earlier resolved to use her logical legal mind to assess the situation, but one minute after meeting Max, her heart took over and logic went out the window. [This is why we have auntie Robin. She is the string that tethers logic to the whole process] 

So... as Max and Dowi stared at each other, Dowi brought out the red crab she had gotten for MAX.
We all know that Max is into red stuffies, and what better toy that a red crab!
And as soon as Max got the crab, he understood that something special was going on.

And within minutes, it was clear! Max said it himself!

So... Dowi is my sister, two legged and all, I love her anyway, and Max who is now known as Max B Goldstein, the B stands for Bialystock is now my... NEPHEW?????  I am an ant! AUNT! Dang!  Do I get a new outfit or something for this?

Well Max, just realize that the Dowi belongs to me.  I am now putting you in charge of her while you are in DC, but when you are here, she is mine.  Got that?

Welcome the fan damily!


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Anonymous said...

How wonderful and so heart touching the way you went about it. Congrats on your absolutely precious new family member!!