Friday, April 4, 2014

I miss the Dowi.

I am a Bichon. My destiny and raison d'etre is to be held cuddled, loved . 
Look it up. I am curly LAP dog. By definition. That is what my name means. My tushy is genetically designed to only be comfortable on a hooman lap. That being said, here I am fulfilling my destiny. Once on a lap, I know how to ooze cuteness and puddle out my fluffitude. It is like instant relaxations for the hoomans.  It's a gift. You are most welcome. I do not bestow my gift willy nilly.  
As far as Dowi is concerned, This for me is a mission. My Dowi lives far  away. She does not have a Bichon on call to help her distress. I call that living in primitive conditions. So when she comes home, I have to cram all the snuggles and distressing I can in whatever limited amount of time she has here. JD and The Wendy are simply not as good as this job as I am. [I am  being modest. I am EXCELLENT at this job!!! Ask anyone] 
And it is a JOB! One I love.
I get to put her "down for her naps". What do you mean that is not a THING ?

It is, I swear it is.
Dowi can nap. Momma is the lousy napper who can't, won't or, who knows why ...
she is like the opposite of relaxed.

So, when I have the opportunity to share a snuggle and a nap in the middle of the day, I take it!

Mh. Dowi I miss you.

Do you miss me?


PS Dowi. daddy is eating a potato galette. I know... I thought I should tell you.  How could he!


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