Monday, April 28, 2014

Thank you Uncle Bob

Dear Uncle Bob,

Thank you so much for hosting the  2014 TBFR Spring Fling. We really all had a great time. You are a fab host and we loved your home and meeting THE Miss Paula in person. She is very very nice.

Yea, I know... I did not leave momma's lap too many times, but you know I have to keep her in check. Ok, while I admit I might have some issues, may I point out that most Bichons were on their pawrent's laps?

Loved seeing all the pics on FB, did you happen to notice that both my hoomans brought camera bags that were left unopened? Talk about lazy. I am just not going to say anymore about that. [I am kind of grateful that they were not puparazzing all over the place]

Now, I do have to tell you that I remembered The  Great Machinpongo Clam Shack! I miss the old location because it had "charm" , but now there is room to move around. In case you feel like taking a ride out here tonight momma is making paella, 'cause... she kind of bought a bunch of goodies and when she looked at everything she bought, PAELLA screamed back. [must have been a silent scream because I heard nothing... momma hears voices... not gonna comment... ehmmm.] Come on by. You can share dinner.

Kip was very sweet, we had a few moments, and while JD was all over the place sniffing up and socializing, I have to say, that my Wendy actually was very cool.  Usually she runs around barking up a storm, but I think she was too busy flirting... to do that. So we all had a great time.

I borrowed a couple of pics from your FB post, hope you don't mind.

Thank you so much, 'vie

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