Monday, July 15, 2013

THE Wendy: "Are you talking to me?" series

The Wendy can ignore you better than anyone I know. She has perfected the art of the  passive aggressive non action. Momma is calling her to come inside. Wendy is NOT feeling it.  So what does she do?
She sits.
She sits beautifully and just looks around as if her name is not being called.

She is humming to herself  "Ladidadladida ladida".

Mom gets closer.... The Wendy just stares right through momma. Whattttt? Ar you talking TO ME?

A slight lean while she watches JD walk by her to go inside. She might go in now, because she does not want to be outside alone. So, going in now would be her idea and not momma's idea.  She will consider it.
Stonewall Wendy.... 

All right then. But it was HER idea, remember that.

'vie who is the "good child". I say so. I know, I am 'vie!

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bichonpawz said...

Chloe has obviously taken lessons from THE Wendy!! She is exactly like that. Totally.

Drives me nuts!