Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Ok, it is only one of my many jobs. But it is the job I like the most. I am technically a "taster".

Granted, cheapo momma is not very big on real mouthfuls, they are more like licks, but thankfully I am fully equipped with a marvelous tongue and a discerning palate. My abilities as a first rate sniffer and taster make me very well suited to the tasting task.

Downside...momma does offer up some stuff that is ... Bleechhhh. Really, I will never understand the appeal of broccoli. And ... who really really wants to eat pickles? Oh yuh, I forgot momma likes pickles. Yuh, I have to go there...because her affinity for pickles would explain that sour puss. But even more ick than pickles... Capers. EWWWWW. I tasted one. Double ewwww. Caper berries... like why??? Ditto for anchovies. I say, if you are going fishy, go for crab! If you are going for salty... CAVIAR and if you are going for sour... nahh I hate sour. Skip it.

 But, I do take my duties as a taster very seriously. After all I am "she who sets the bar" for what gets put on the menu board rotation. If I pass.. baby you will never see that thing again. :) That is POWER.

 Now let me get to work and BRING IT ON!

 is my water bowl ready?

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Two French Bulldogs said...

That's not a bad job. It must pay well
Benny & Lily