Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The cracker thief allegation and cracked up defense.

I have been maliciously accused of stealing crackers out of daddy's car.

I could bore you to death with all the legal reasons as to why the malicious accusation is just that.  I could tell you all the legal reasons why there is no actionable case..., but why bother?

I am going to hang my whole defense on the evidence at paw. 
1. Do you see any evidence of crackers anywhere near me?
2. Do I look like a thief?
3.Did I leave the crackers anywhere within reach of any innocent four legged to "entrap them"?

Of course the answer is NOOOOOOOOO.  An unqualified, resounding, unapologetic  NO!

My defense is I am innocent and you can't prove otherwise. And the Wendy's attack of the giggles
as outlined in  http://www.silvieon4.com/2013/07/wait-wait-dont-tell-me.html.. are inadmissible as to my situation... I mean the girl was just being silly. Ya, know... pulling your leg... 

You don't see any crumbs or crackers or anything near me do you???  The thing speaks for itself!  

Daddy, sorry, man, but you are going down alone on this one... You should not have admitted to even owning the offensive crackers...  You should have consulted your legal rep. You do have Adam's phone no, And Dori's phone no... so what happened??? Your excited utterance is what got you in trouble. I will visit you and bring you comfort when you are serving your sentence. Tell me, do they have one of those snack machines where you are going, and... how many disks of metal will I need for a bag of something crunchy?

I love you daddy. :)

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