Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Would it kill you? A tasty Tuesday dare

Mommy dearest.
Mammina, listen.
Would it really kill you to take advice and try something new?

I think, you should patronize and support your loved one's endeavors. Right.? Well, my brother's site is A number one Mazing!!!! So show him that you do get this talent. Cook one of his recipes for tasty Tuesday. I am not even going to ask for a turkey or ham or some kind of meat stuffed with meat... I am going for healthy! Is it so outrageous of me to want to try something that looks like this?

Of course, I assume you are secure enough to actually go to his website and try one of his recipes. Unless... You are not...secure... But...yesterdish.com... Try it. I love home made pappardelle. It has been a while momma... It has.. directions and recipe are here..http://yesterdish.com/2013/02/04/yesterdishs-pappardelle-with-roasted-squash-roasted-garlic-and-sage/

I CAN eat everything in this!!! Come on....


GizmoGeodog said...

Silvie, Momz loves the yesterdish website and wants to contribute to it...thank you for sharing it with her today...but the link to the pappardelle recipe is't working :( It does look like a tasty dish

silvieon4 said...

fixed! Try it now. Sorry.

yuki and rocket said...

as much as i cook i have never tried to make homemade pasta. your pasta pictures have inspired me to try this dish!!

yuki and rocket