Tuesday, February 5, 2013

It's all about FLUFFYTUDE!

Being a Bichon ain't easy. A white fluffy dog can become "object de ridicule" very quickly.  Ever try to pull off macho when you look and feel like a q-tip?  Zackly my point. So there is more to being Bichon than you think.

You have to have FLUFFYTUDE.

JD and I do really overt fluffytude.  He is a macho walking Bichon whose "carriage" announces to the world he is far bigger than he seems. I love that about him.  He walks like he owns the world... and he does... he is THE KING. [I know, but our hoomans actually believe that].

Moi, Je suis the Empress for life I was always meant to be. I expect every single two legged to want to touch me, hold me and serve me. And they do. But I am picky about who I allow to paw me.

The Wendy is more reserved in her fluffytude. Not one to fan her tail in your face. She is quieter. And they make a bugger fuss when she finally gives them a little wag.

Enough of this.  It is tasty Tuesday woman, should you not be cooking, baking or something???

Ahhhh the chunky zucchini ... well played momma, well played...

Sooooo that fluffytude comes from having gorgeous fluff. Gorgeous fluff is the product of a healthy diet.
A healthy diet includes veggies.  We are partial to zucchini.  Momma chooses small ones. Less seeds, you know...

Then the woman is crafty. When she preps the lamb for grilling, or the turkey, she will toss in a few pieces of zucchini and lets it "marinate".  After the lamb or turkey are grilled, then she will grill the zucchini.

It is magical I tell you, just magical.  It is delicious. The Wendy is crazy about it. Momma says it is low calorie, big bang flavour and healthy. Whatever.  It tastes GOOOOOOOD.

Easy, peasy, try it!

Oh yea, she does the same thing with tofu. Eh.  JD and I do not like tofu.  Wendy loves it.... go figure.

Happy tasty Tuesday y'all!



KSO said...

Bichon's have the best "fluffytude" don't mess with their sassy attitudes!

Two French Bulldogs said...

You two would make cute adorable pillows, BOL
Benny & Lily