Friday, February 22, 2013

QR codes and collars

scan me in!
See this thing?  It is a QR code. It has a new place in my life.  Why?

Because...   every single time momma hears about a lost dog, momma goes nuts.

There are a lot of lost dogs, which explains why momma is such a pistachio...

Yesterday her level of nuttiness was at an elevated GREEN level...[yes, of course, GREEN level  is an actual measure!]  because of  another lost dog in our neighborhood.

So, of course, in momma's mind, she had to do something . Driving around looking for
Charleigh was not enough, she perseverates. She obsesses. She ruminates.

She grabbed our collars and looked at the tags and called them...."semi useless crap".
She said there is not enough info on any one of them to insure safe return.  And then there is her massive anxiety level when it comes to to JD and his food intolerances. A well meaning person giving JD a chicken based treat is all it would take to send that boy to his maker. Yup, that severe.

After about an hour of ranting and raving, momma grabbed my QR code [quick response] code and decided that we MUST UPDATE our collars with this new technology.

Soooooooo, a cell phone can be used to scan what essentially will be a detailed page with all the info. Advantages? Itty bitty QR code yields all the info which can easily be kept updated. Immediate, comprehensive, quickly available.

And that's how I now have a QR code collar...You can gurgle or ping QR collar or QR dog collar slide and see how many people are offering this... or you can make your own. Momma  simply added my QR to one of my fancy silk and satin skull collars. [She is handy that way when she is motivated].

Moral of this post?  Get with it, UPDATE, MODERNIZE, safety first.


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