Friday, February 1, 2013

I am in no mood to be groomed!

Is she kidding?
Did she just call Mr. Myke the groomer?
Dang it.  I need to put Miss Lolly on speed dial. I can call her for momma's grooming as soon as momma calls Mr Myke for my grooming.  You know, tic for tac...

And while we are at it... I have some random insights that just came to me.

I think momma is part dog. I can't be 100% sure, but the signs are there.

1. After she rags herself, [she calls it getting dressed] she always checks the mirror and looks at her butt.  I just know she is checking her lack of tail. Or hoping she grew a tail....poor thing....

2. She won't eat onions. She says they upset her stomach.... I mean really???? Other two leggeds I know love onions...!

3. She likes going on walks and stopping and sniffing. Mostly she sniffs plants. Any day now... I know she will have her nose against a mailbox trying to figure out who else has been there.

4. She growls. Yup. Really. She has this low growl that come out of her mouth when she is angry. Her growl has definite Bichon, German Shepard, Maltese, Shitzu cadence....but I swear it sounds 100% Pit Bull when she is in attack mode.

5. And then there is that whole business of tasting our food. "Tasting". AHA.

6. She reacts to the tailed rat called squirrel with as much contempt as we do.

7. I think she wants longer ears. She keeps attaching things to her ear lobes, I think to stretch them down.

8. Ohhh and then there is that whole reaction she has to cats.  Not just the sneezing and  watery eye thingie, The skin crawling itchies that make her crazy.... the gasping for air....

9. She is territorial. Seriously territorial.

10. She is definitely pack oriented because she can't even sleep unless we are all there with her.

I would like some DNA on the woman....but I think I am right!



Marshmallow said...

I never thought about it, but I think my mama is part dog too--for all the reasons you pointed out. Thank you; that explains a lot!

bichonpawz said...

AHA!!! Sounds like our mama too!! You are hilarious 'vie!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug