Sunday, February 24, 2013

RIP Dakota Conrad, 101 Senator

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Dearest Dakota,

We just learned you crossed the Bridge. You fought such a valiant fight against lymphoma. While we take comfort knowing that you are free of pain, there is such sadness because we miss you already.

Senator Conrad and family, our deepest condolences. Nothing anyone can say or do can fill that emptiness right now. Dakota was special. He was a true Bichon and a fulfilled more than his destiny. He touched lives with the gentle stroke of love and joy that is the essence of our breed.

Dakota, thank you. Thank you for having represented "US" so well. US, rescues. US, Bichons, US, dogs. 

We hope your family finds comfort and peace and with time we hope they welcome another rescued dog. 

Last night we asked our friends over the Bridge to welcome you with full honors. Dakota, know that you made the world better.


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