Monday, March 5, 2012

No, I don't agree with you.

How can you call me the cutest rag-a muffin in the world ... a scoop of delicious... a fuzzy cutie pie... a heart melting fluffie... your favorite baby... in one breath... and then declare that I need to be groomed in the next? 

Why would you even think of messing with perfection?

You are going to destroy my fluffitude? I am clean, I am sweet, I am fluffy, I am MOI.

Why do you think you could ever improve on that?

I think you are displacing some deep rooted jealousy. What, did daddy pay a little too much attention to me?  Hey I am just trying to understand why you would want to tear me away from daddy for something as stupid as grooming..

Yes, I am mad. No, I am not going to "cope" with it. I think you need to cope.  [What exactly does that mean anyway?] 

Don't even try to play the Dori card with me. Dori will love me no matter what. She said that. And don't try to project your own issues on my sister.

Yup.  I am pouting. Deal with it momma. Cope with it.  Thanks Rush. I blame you.  She is raging at your stupid mouth and I am paying the price...

SHUT UP RUSH!  Just shut up.

who is pouting.


rocky-dog said...

son now what -- you are in a bad mood?? sheesh, first I have to cope (yes, cope means "to put up with") Gigi living at our house for the next month. She has turned into a wild child -- races me up the stairs so that she can pounce on me -- just like a cat. Then when I get appropriately tired of all of this and I yell at her she tries to eat my ears!

So you know what, life could be worse -- we all have to deal -- go get the grooming -- mama says I have to go sometime this week too. You KNOW that you like the massage you get -- it's okay, you can admit to me -- I won't spill the beans.

And the worst part is mama made me stay home from work today because she is going to be "too busy" and can't afford to have Me and Gigi both at work -- hmmmph, mama could have just left gigi at home IMHO

bichonpawz said...

Aww 'vie. We sympathize. SHE made us go last week. We had to be there for THREE hours. We had to deal with it. Sheesh. The things we have to put up with.