Friday, March 2, 2012

JD and his "Idiosyncrasies"

Chloe and Lady Bug wanted to know more about JD and his "Idiosyncrasies"... I am choosing to call them THAT. He is not weird. He is not strange, nooo. [He reads this blog, you know, he is a faithful reader...even]

Well, in the before time, that is before The Wendy and I came to be part of the family, JD was an only four legged.  He was all by his lonesome surrounded by two leggeds.  He really did not know how to behave like a four legged. After all, he came here as a puppy with puppy teeth and all. So, when the two leggeds all sat around the dinner table JD felt utterly alone and left out. He started trying to steal their seats. But that did not work out for very long. Apparently each seat was already claimed.  Momma saw his sad puppy dog eyes and knew immediately that something had to be done to include her  little boy in the family rituals. [She does not have a soft spot... she is all goo and quick sand, that one] So, she started looking for chairs that were tall enough so that JD could feel part of the family at the dinner table. High chairs were OK but JD is a serious aficionado of upholstery and tufting. Plastic seating is not of his liking.

One day, as momma was leaving a store,  her eye caught  a glimpse of a bar stool.  Large seat, deep tufting and high enough. Momma measured it against herself. It had to be at her waist... and it was perfect for JD! So, she whined until daddy went to the store and picked it up. Momma's car is to small to carry stuff like that. Once at home, she showed JD how to get on the seat. Momma calls it the "throne" because she refers to JD as "King of all puppies". Yes, that boy is not delusional, momma is.  Anyway, JD goes to his "throne" when he needs quiet, when he wants to observe and supervise what goes on in the kitchen, when he wants to get away from me... and of course when two leggeds sit at the table or at meal time. Momma says he has impeccable table manners. No grabbing, no reaching, no nasty habits. Of course not. "He is perfect." [Rolling my eyes... what? I had a wandering eyelash, yes, that's it make a wish and all that rot]  JD drinks water from a glass. He has his own glass. He waits for his face to wiped with a napkin, [his own]... and has developed the "thank you my good human" dismissive lick when he is done and wants to leave the table. Like I said... impeccable table manners. He even tips his wait staff with licks and nose pats. 

Momma went out and bought a second bar stool. Very occasionally I will use it. But frankly, The Wendy and I like the freedom to work the floor under the kitchen table. And... just for giggles we have been known to sound the CAT alarm, just so JD demands off the throne and at least one two legged has to get up. You have to be there to appreciate how funny it is.

And now, Chloe and Lady Bug you know what's up with JD's "high- chair" no, no we don't mean high chair  like that.. we mean a chair that's high... aha.



rocky-dog said...

so how does JD access his chair??? I need to know because that's the kind mama bought when they redid the kitchen and now it is simply IMPOSSIBLE to put a paw on mama's arm to get her attention.

silvieon4 said...

He jumps on the seat of a regular chair, then he jumps on his high chair. If the stepping off chair is tucked under the table, that boy throws a massive hissy fit replete with frumpts, barks, growls and harrumpts. And... He is impossible to ignore. He has a stash on his high chair of goodies and nobody is ever allowed to move them. And, JD has this thing he does. When dealing with two leggeds JD has a way to make eye contact that makes it impossible for two leggeds to ignore. We all watch him and try to imitate him. I must say, we are in awe of that talent.

bichonpawz said...

This is truly amazing 'vie! We have just learned many things about JD and we are amazed at how similar JD and Chloe are! Chloe has that whole ATTENTION-GETTING stare down and she is relentless! What a pair they would make! The chair is a fabulous idea and Misd Chloe...the queen, has table manners just like JD. I, on the other hand, prefer to sit at Daddy's feet...things seem to just fall off the table there! Thanks for sharing!
Xo LadyBug

Kolchak Puggle said...

Oh that boy is precious! Just precious!