Wednesday, March 28, 2012

White HATS meet again!

The Fetching Auntie Janet
The Beguiling Auntie Darlene
Deep in thought, Auntie Robin, what are you thinking?
Uncle Bob, does Kip know where you are?
Sushi, hibachi... these people really parteee.... two tables, interesting...
Penny, Preston, did you know where your momma was?

Yes,  momma wants me to believe that food is what put her in a good mood. AHA. Like I am stoooooopid.Let's get real. I saw my my own two eyes. A box "followed" momma home. A shoe box. Yes, a SHOE box. Nothing puts a smile on momma's face like shoeeees. That is her addiction. So pray tell, which restaurant serves up shoes? She went out of here with auntie Darlene. I suspect the two of them took a "detour"... One one of those detours that takes you into a store. And. And. I sniffed out momma. She had sushi. And. I sniffed out some sort of pineapple juice and al-kehole. I am not buying this "innocent" White Hat lunch bit. And daddy, you better hurry home, the woman is spiraling out of control. And momma's hat... full of feathers. She looked like a chickadee. That's all I am going to say.

White Hat indeed.

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bichonpawz said...

Ok....'vie....WHERE is your White Hat picture???? And what type of shoe...Louboutin?? Manolos?? Either one works for me!