Wednesday, March 21, 2012

weelll then

I need to understand something. Spring has sprung. I know this because it is a mess out there.It is raining petals, blowing pollen and pouring rain.  I am itchy, I am sneezy, momma is wheezy, Wendy is coughy and JD is dizzy. My nose is so itchy momma says I look like Bewitched. [Who is Bewitched anyway?  Momma and her obscure references].  An innocent walk turns into calico paws. Purple, pink and white petals stick to you like you are some sort of bad art project.  For realsies. What is up with that?  And why do people like spring so much when it is such a hassle?  And did I mention the rain? It rains in spring.  It rains a lot. So, in between the rain you can add mud to the stuff I don't need, want or like.

I am not a curmudgeon. I am just trying to understand why two leggeds like spring.   I sat on the deck sniffing the air this morning.  The rain is coming. The air is thick and heavy with moisture. It was not even eight am and it was muggy already!  The loud mouth birds are in a tizzy of activities. You can hardly hear yourself think out there. And every tree is in bloom so every breeze showers petals and pollen. You know, my nostrils were yellow! I suppose if allergies did not exist, the whole thing would be pretty. But... allergies are part of our lives. So momma is dusting off our allergy play book.  And along with that, she is going to be revisiting the hazard pages for fertilizers, weed killers and such.  Basically we are off of grass, unless it is our own. Too many weird products out there, from chocolate mulch which is deadly, to long acting weed killers. It's a bad chemical soup!.

I did have a solution, but momma turned her nose at it.  I would not mind being carried on our walks.  I like being carried. It would keep me clean and happy and I could still sniff and enjoy the outdoors. I loved my baby carrier, but the momma whines that I am too big for it. I am not!  I am perfect.

Do you have allergies?  How do you cope? I am curious.

For now I am content to be indoors watching the rain start to come down.



rocky-dog said...

Hi 'vie -- mama is the one here who has the allergies especially this time of year. Mama is itchy all over and keeps making her skin bleed. I TRY to comfort mama and snuggle and keep her from scratching but it is no use. That woman just can't keep her paws off her arms -- even John yells at her to stop. Myself, I get a little itchy and a few sneezes here and there, but i'm mostly okay. However I DO get green feet when we go walking. I'm not sure which is worse -- the calico you get or the green feet I get. It means that after every walk, I either get dumped unceremoniously in the sink for a pay rinse or at the very least have to be subjected to a foot blowout/comb out with the big dryer to get the grass clippings off my feet. And we have to watch for all those crazy dinggle balls that fall from the trees. They have spikes on them and can be very painful if you accidently step on one. Mama says she hates March -- I'm thinking I concur.

Just keep yourself warm and dry and beautiful -- Rocky

bichonpawz said...

We are not all that happy with spring here either. Mama has asthma and has to be very careful during these pollen-y months!! We hate those dingle ball things that rocky dog mentioned too! Don't even get us started on the rain....We HATE rain...and mud. We do not like to walk on anything wet...hang in there 'vie!
xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

Tucker The Crestie said...

Sorry about your allergies, 'Vie!

silvieon4 said...

dingle balls things we call them gum tree balls. HATE them. Hate them big time. Rocky for your momma, almond oil. That worked for my momma's itchies. She can't use it of the Dowi is coming home, Dowi is allergic to tree nuts, big time. My momma is into the dryer on air only to remove what she calls "stray pollen". Boy there is not one walk that does not end into a drier tumble for her stuff. And that includes the non washable stuff. We used to think she was crazy, but then we saw the piece of white paper she taped inside the dryer... ugh it was yellow within two days. Nuff said. She might be crazy, but she is crazy right.

rocky-dog said...

mm, yes, almond oil -- mama uses that every night and it makes her smell like food! Mama has this big thing in the garage she calls a shopvac -- I don't understand how it goes shopping -- but she uses it to blow stuff off of me and to dry me off. I do have to admit, I prefer it to the hairdryers she used to use -- those got awfully hot. This morning's walkie resulted in green feet -- they park guys cut the grass and all the pieces stick to me. Mama calls me her lint roller????? I don't like the rain either -- if it rains too hard at night it makes me not want to go do my thing before bed. And mama tries to put a coat on me to keep me dry. I hate that coat. Mama has been looking at the weather thingy just now -- she says it's supposed to start raining tomorrow and not stop until next Tuesday or Wednesday. She's talking about that ark thing again. I think I need to go hide.

Two French Bulldogs said...

hope those allergies go away...they are called itchies here
Benny & Lily